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Latest News

Go Green Presentation

8th February 2020 was Barnet's Go Green Shabbat with speeches from Environmental Secretary Theresa Villiers as well as a presentation given by Donna Cohen and Jeremy Ross. The latter is available to be read by clicking below 

Rooftop Reflections

Rabbi Landau launches a new series of Rooftop Reflections, recorded in Israel, upon the week's sedra and other relevant topics 

Chipping Barnet Election Hustings

Barnet Shul, along with JCOSS School and Sha'arei Tsedek, are hsoting the four candidates in the forthcoming General Election.


7.00pm 2nd December at JCOSS 

When Rachel Met Tony

A huge crowd raised over £1,000 for Barnet's youth as Tony Danker probed into Rachel's upbringing and her comedic history

Barnet Shul Launches Pop Up Restaurant

We make national news!

Once a week, the Barnet Shul-based ‘People’s Pop-Up’ will open its doors and offer a dignified dining experience to the community and those less fortunate.

To volunteer email


Stewart Cohen Hosts Theresa Villiers

DEFRA Minister meets with Stewart Cohen of La Boucherie to give her support to protecting the freedom of Kashrut.