We all find ourselves in the most extraordinary times and facing the most extraordinary challenges.  We are all in the same boat, yet some of us may be in choppier waters - facing additional financial, emotional and health challenges. Some may have lost jobs or face significantly reduced incomes; some have existing health challenges; some are bereaved or have family hospitalised or unwell with the virus; some are lonely and isolated.  It is these members Barnet Cares and our army of amazing volunteers seek to help with food, shopping, emotional and financial support.

We strive to do the best for our Community. Ordinary financial resources do not go as far in these extraordinary times. We wish to do more, more quickly, for those in the most desperate circumstances. We are therefore calling on our wonderful community to help raise money for the newly formed ‘Barnet Cares Covid-19 Chesed Fund’.  Your donations will be used for a variety of Barnet Cares projects including 'Care Packages' for the vulnerable/isolated, help with vital expenses for the those in extreme financial difficulties, Shabbat boxes for the bereaved, and various other initiatives to support our members who need it most.  Whatever you can give - be it small or big - would be greatly apprenticed.  Every donation really does count.


This is a charitable donation so could be made in honour of a family member or in merit for someone struggling with the virus/in poor health or to honour a family Yahrzeit - or it can simply be made with a desire to help support some of the hardest hit in our community.  All donations attract Gift Aid (if applicable), so every penny donated goes even further.  Donations can be made through the shul either by BACS transfer (Barnet Synagogue; sort code: 60-80-07; a/c: 36259519 - please reference your payment 'BC') or by credit/debit/Amex card by emailing the shul office or phoning 0208 449 0145 - option 5, and asking someone to call you back to take payment.


Thank you so much in advance for your support.

Rabbi & Rebbetzin Landau / Barnet Cares